Plenty of beautiful outdoor spaces


The house has a very large garden with a sloping front lawn facing west, towards the Alps. There is a lovely veranda with two tables and various chairs and armchairs to sit outside. In the heat of the afternoon an electric sun shade can be lowered so the stone paving does not get too hot.


There is a BBQ by the kitchen. The garden is surrounded by woods which can be explored by children and enjoyed by parents in need of a walk. The garden is taken up mostly by lawn, so the view is unencumbered. A few flower beds are planted with indigenous flowers and roses. There are some cherry, sharon fruit, apple, plum and pear trees in the side of the garden where vegetables also used to be grown.


There is a double garage and plenty of parking spaces.

  • Room to roam

  • The swimming pool and tennis court

  • Perfect spaces to relax

What our guests say:

“We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at 'Ronco,' a tranquil, quiet spot set on a hill in private gardens with views through the trees to the snow-capped mountains. Although we did not use the swimming pool, which is situated a short distance from the house behind very secure gates and a fence, we could see the possibilities of reclining on one of the many sun loungers in peace and quiet.

The house made one feel very at home and Juan was always discreetly there to give a first class service. We found two very good resataurants in nearby villages and am sure there were more in the area! There's a historic golf course within a short drive.  Nearby Como is a historic town on the banks of the lake, which was beautiful in the sunshine and set against a backdrop of mountains.

A great house to visit and relax away from the maelstrom of life!”
- Jenny and Francis, 2015


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