Perfect for a family getaway

il Ronco is a charming family home set in an idyllic garden on top of a hill and surrounded by chestnut and pine tree forests. On the hill there are 5 more villas, all belonging to the same family and all quite far from each other. We have the best view over the Parco del Ticino, a protected forest, all the way to the Monte Rosa, one of the highest peaks in the Alps.


The land has been in the family for five generations and used to be a hunting reserve with a hunting lodge. The reason why the current owners' parents decided to live there is that it is a very easy commute to Milan where they worked but also to Como where the kids went to school and ideal for great family day trips on the lake.


The Swiss border is only about 15 minutes drive from the house and a visit to Lugano is always fun if you are there. There are golf courses, designers clothes outlets, fun water parks and tree top walks to entertain the whole family but we find that we often end up just going to the pool for a swim and a game of tennis or table tennis, hang out in the outhouse or on the veranda and perhaps go out to one of the fantastic local restaurants for a proper meal or just a nice pizza.


The best time of the day is always the Martini cocktail on the veranda at sunset. Different every night, beautiful every night.

What our guests say:

“We are all having a lovely time thank you so much!

We safely navigated the bakery this morning and the supermarket this afternoon. Thunder last night and a bit overcast today but that hasn't stopped us having a morning swim and back now for an evening bathe. Still nice and hot! My Italio/Spanish is going well as are my drawings!! And Percy has ironed everything including my knickers!!!

Thank you again for entrusting us with your lovely home!”
- PN, 2014


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